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Software Updates

Comments (0) Posted on 8/20/2011 10:39 AM by Ken Treece

Periodic software updates will be available for downloading.  Each release may include multiple bug fixes as well as software enhancements.  If enabled, the PC-Alarm and Security System software will automatically check for newer software updates every two weeks.  

An active Internet connection must be available at some point following the two week interval for the automatic software update check to be successful.  If you use Dial-Up Networking (DUN) or Remote Access (RAS) to connect to the Internet, you may want to use the manual update check option periodically whenever you are connected to your ISP.  

To initiate the software update check options, choose the Check for Software Update menu item from the Settings menu.

Note: You will only see a software update available notification window if the automatic software check determines that a newer version of the PC-Alarm and Security System is currently available for download.  If you are currently running the latest available version of PC-Alarm and Security System software, you will not see a window of any kind.  

When checking for an update manually, a message will always be displayed after the update check has completed.

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